A little update

Hey folks! Thanks for your Skribit suggestions so far. I’ve already attended two of the events you’ve suggested, the Addison Oktoberfest and Chuy’s Green Chile Fest, and I’m itching to write about both. First, though, I’ve got to finish my two-part Grapefest Saga, the second entry of which is coming up later today. Meanwhile, I’ve posted the first eight months of the Events Calendar for 2009; it’s pretty hefty this year, so be sure to check it out. I’m sure I’ll have more to add for January-August as things get settled, and I know there’s a lot to come from September-December, but things are so up in the air that far ahead that it’s hard to say what’s what right now. Be sure to check back regularly! And don’t forget — the 2008 Events Calendar  is still being updated regularly.


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