Fort Worth Speedlinks – 10/14/2008

Some links to my fellow bloggers, this time from around the Ft. Worth area.

  • – some great art going on here; I want to stop by and see these prints.
  • – Old news on films gone past, but I’ll keep reading to see what happens.
  • – Gas prices from $2.57 to $2.65 — the difference is the line!
  • – Free Coffee for Fort Worth, and doughnuts – oh my blog sugar!
  • – October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, an important issue not specific to this area, of course.
  • – Cafe Piola is at the corner of Mattison and Haskell, and I’ll have to make a visit soon.
  • – There was a time in Ft. Worth when it was safe to walk just about anywhere, do you agree? Me, I don’t get out much to walk, it seems .
  • – That’s a funny <> thing — craft artists not wanting people to photograph their work. I’ve had problems with security before, but not with the artists themselves.
  • – Tax dollars down the drain? You decide.
  • – Want to read about free stuff to do in Fort Worth? Too late for me, but I’ll read about next time.
  • – Now, that’s impressive! Several Texas brewers won medals at the 2008 Brewers Association Great American Beer Festival.
  • – More a laugh than an event, I gather, but I wish I’d been at the Rivercrest Yacht Club @ Lola’s Oct. 2.
  • – An intern at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth writes this — required reading if you are into Modern Art, or Interns.
  • 30× – Did you know in 2009 is when the closed Stripling & Cox store will be torn down to make way for a new shopping center? You do now!

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