Lower Greenville Avenue, Dallas

Finally, finally, I’m back. As I mentioned in this entry, I’ve been moving my household, and oh what a pain it’s been. Not only was the move massive — I had to move a whole house full of stuff as well as the leftover stock of my defunct bookstore — the Internet company blundered and turned off my Internet on August 19, A WEEK EARLY. I got it back up a day or so later, but of course all that punched a big hole in my production schedule. I’m still catching up.

Yeah, I know, gripe gripe gripe. But I’m an American, so I hold that as an inalienable right. If it’s not in the Bill of Rights, it should be.

Anyhow: as also discussed in this entry, I recently went looking for the vibrant neighborhood of Lower Greenville and finally found it on the second try. Not too surprisingly, what we know here as “Lower Greenville” is located on Greenville Avenue south of Mockingbird Lane, and basically extends to Belmont Avenue, where the neighborhood becomes what’s known as “Lowest Greenville” by the natives. Upper Greenville is north of Mockingbird. Lower Greenville is still a cool neighborhood, but in my opinion it isn’t as grand a place as it used to be. (I’m not the only one with this opinion). This is especially the case, I think, since they tore down the historic old Dr. Pepper building on Mockingbird so they could build yet another mixed-used eyesore. In the classic word of Homer Simpson, “D’oh!”

Still, Lower Greenville remains one of the cultural centers of Dallas, I guess. For now, anyway.

Lower Greenville started out as Richardson Pike, and was the major route from Dallas to Richardson and other points north prior to the creation of Central Expressway (e.g., before 1910). Today Lower Greenville (the road is called such because it ultimately goes to Greenville, Texas) is home to a nice collection of bars, restaurants, and music venues, including most notably Kirby’s Steakhouse (a Dallas institution) and the Granada Theatre. Here’s a general view from the north end of the business district. This was taken around midday in the middle of the week, which explains why everything <> Be prepared to look hard for a parking spot, however; like most Dallas neighborhoods, the parking can be sparse. Your best bet is to park at one of the businesses where you plan to spend time and then go from there. Enjoy!

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