A Trip to Fort Worth, Part I


A few weeks ago, I took a nice train trip to Fort Worth with my family. It’s wasn’t one of those purposeful jaunts; it was for entertainment, mostly, but there was a bit of education thrown in there too. Despite the fact that I’ve lived in Dallas for 14 years and DART has been available for most of that time, I’m a Texas boy through and through, and I prefer to gallivant about the D/FW Metroplex in my car. This <> the street, though, if you’re really desperate.


Union Station Fountain


So that was the first leg of our journey. In the interest of keeping these entries to a reasonable length. I’ll tell you all about the Fort Worth leg in the next entry. Try to contain your excitement until then, ‘k?

2 Replies to “A Trip to Fort Worth, Part I”

  1. anyway possible to get from the lake ray hubbard transit center into mckinny? (my husband is going to be working at ratheon and we woudl like to build in Fate) thought if there was any way to get around driving … foudn this site and you seemed pretty informed on the Dart… thank you so much!

  2. Hi Shannon,

    Oddly enough, I just passed by Raytheon today on my way to the Denton Art and Jazz Fest, so I know just where you’re talking about. Unfortunately, DART doesn’t go to McKinney yet; there are no trains or buses on that route. Sorry I didn’t have better news!



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