Dallas/Fort Worth Fishing Report

As you may recall, I’ve just finished a humongous move, which really sapped my time and energy. I moved from Richardson, near Highway 75 (or Central Expressway, as we call it in this part of Texas), down to south Garland, about 15 miles away, not far from Interstate 30. While we’re that much further from Deep Ellum and the cultural mecca that is Fort Worth, we’re closer to some other neat places, not least of which are the Mequite Rodeo and Lake Ray Hubbard, one of the area’s largest reservoirs. Here’s what it looks like from Interstate 30, gazing southwest:

A Rather Large Lake

Lake Ray Hubbard isn’t huge, as far as such things go, but it’s big enough to slake part of the Metroplex’s thirst for water, entertainment, and adventure. For me it’s serving as therapy. My house and life are still <>

to bounce off of. There are rumors of the occasional white bass/striped bass hydrid, but I’ve never seen any.

Now, it goes without saying that Lavon also has plenty of largemouth in it, but they don’t seem easily accessible from the shore. At least, I’ve never caught one, and neither have I witnessed any caught. The closest I’ve seen was a warmouth sunfish (a largemouth relative) caught by my niece on a visit. For smallmouths, of course, you’ll need to head toward the south and west.

As for me, I caught three channel cats that day, using shrimp as bait. One was a tad too small, so I threw it back. The others I gave to the guys who caught the gar. If I’d caught more I’d have taken the keepers home for a meal, but the ones I got would have provided just a pound or two of meat. Hey, not bad for an hour or so of fishing. I got plenty of action; these were just the ones I was fast enough to catch. It was fun!

I don’t know a lot about Lake Ray Hubbard, even though I’ve fished there twice this week, both times in a lakeside park. I wasn’t fishing for serious fish in either case, just feeding the sunfish, really. Kind of scouting expeditions. Both days I caught half a dozen without even trying in an hour or so. Small ones of the Redbreasted and Bluegill varieties, not worth keeping…though a couple were on the verge. If I could get a dozen of the right size, I’d have a meal.

I expect that the weather and my work will keep me away from the ol’ fishing holes for a few days, but when I next go I plan to get serious and try a few things to lure in the white bass, which I would love to catch, and some big catfish. I’m about ready to get that fish-fryer going.

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